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Stojo Compact Reusable Cup


The reusable cup that fits in your pocket!  Not only great for hot beverages like coffee and tea, but great for breakfast smoothies as well.  Who wants to walk around with a cup all day?  Drink your beverage and then squash the cup down into a compact size to store in your bag. 

Most "to-go"coffee cups aren't easily recycled because of the lining...why not just eliminate these from your day to save the environment?


-quickly collapses into a leak-proof disk

-lid and sleeve insulate your hand from hot and cold beverage

-fits anywhere for ultra portability

-great colours to match any outfit or bag

-5 inches at full height/1.75 inches when compact

-dishwasher and microwave safe

-BPA-free, no phthalates or glues

-food grade silicone cup and stopper


1 Stojo= 500 disposable cups per year

1 Stojo= 14 lbs of waste per year

Economic Savings:

-most cafes charge less if you bring your own cup

-make your own coffee and home and bring it with you...better yet, roast your own coffee beans at home, brew them at home and take a cup of coffee with you!

-pays for itself in a matter of months and you have a clearer conscience because you aren't throwing away a cup a day



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