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About Us

Coffee is in my genes and blood.  I was born in Jamaica and while I moved to Canada when I was 7, we went back often to visit family in Kingston.  We always stayed with my Grandfather, the famous Keble Munn, in the mountains outside of Kingston.  My Grandfather had Mavis Bank Central Factory in his family for generations and when we visited in the late 70's and 80's the factory was going strong.  Many small farmers from around the area brought their red cherries to this factory for processing.  My Grandfather was well-respected in Jamaica and in the many countries he travelled to, selling coffee.  He was also the Minister of Agriculture in the Jamaican government so he was very involved in farming and farming practices in Jamaica.   I remember going to the factory as a child and seeing the process of creating the coffee, from the whole red cherry to the final roasted package. I remember the smells as well, from start to finish...very different! Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is famous around the world, in no small part because of my Grandfather, Keble Munn.


This article's Author running on green bean drying area at Mavis Bank Central Factory...circa 1973.*

I always wanted to do something in Canada with coffee and this website is the result of my longstanding passion. I want everyone to be able to enjoy and have access to quality green coffee beans at a reasonable cost.  There is nothing like freshly roasted coffee beans AND the satisfaction that comes with that knowing that you roasted them yourself in the comfort of your own home.   Roasting at home allows you control of the roast, whether you like it light or dark.  Now you can have  your roast and drink it too!

For optimal coffee freshness and taste, home roasting is ideal.  Having the option of green coffee beans in small batches allows you to experiment with roasting without it being a huge expense.  You can also try different coffee beans from around the world without the exorbitant cost.  For the purist that likes to experiment with roasting, we have roasting equipment for stovetop roasting.  If you want fresh roasted coffee at home but don't have the time or patience to experiment, we have a home roasting machine suited to your needs.  With the press of a few buttons, you can have freshly roasted beans in minutes! 

We offer green beans in small batches for the do-it-yourself home roaster.  It's a great way to sample coffees from around the world at a fraction of the cost of retail prices. It also gives you the opportunity to experiment with roasting to see what roast you like best...light or dark roast.   We feature organic and Fair Trade green coffee beans as well as conventional green beans.

Our coffees change frequently depending on availability during the year so stock up on the one you like in case it sells out!  We have new stock coming in frequently so check back often.

I'm also a strong believer in customer service, having been a sales rep for over 17 years in the health food industry.  Sending orders out in a timely manner is very important and I strive to do just that.  I have some great reviews from customers attesting to the service I offer so give my beans a try...you won't be disappointed!



Mavis Bank Central Factory (In the Hills of Kingston, Jamaica)

Keble Munn (the Author's Grandfather)

Edna Munn (Keble's Mom)

Karen Lopez (the author) and her cousin Edgar Munn...April 2017

*All photos are originals and most were provided by Gwyneth Munn, Keble's Daughter and the Author's Mom.