Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean at a Time!
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Article on Behmor Facebook Page

The great people at Behmor published this short bio on U-Roast-It on their Facebook page.  


For Karen at U-Roast-It Coffee in Canada, coffee is in the blood. Her grandfather owned the famous Mavis Bank Central Factory in Jamaica and after moving to Canada, she started a green coffee supply business. "My company mantra is “Starting A Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean At A Time”. I sell coffee brewing and roasting equipment (the Behmor being the most popular) on my site to help encourage more people to start roasting at home. I want to get the word out that it isn’t as complicated as it may seem."

U-Roast-It Coffee is currently offering a sale on the Behmor 1600 Plus, along with a free pound of green coffee and $10 flat rate shipping across Canada.

RECEIVE 1 LB OF GREEN COFFEE BEANS FOR FREE WITH PURCHASE OF A BEHMOR ROASTER. This home roaster can roast up to 1lb of green coffee…