Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean at a Time!
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New FREE App for Home Roasters-"Roast Buddy"


Introducing Roast Buddy, your coffee roasting companion

Here’s something that you might not know. If you have 10 minutes, an old hot-air popcorn popper, and some green coffee beans, you can easily roast your own delicious coffee. It’s super easy, and it’s dirt cheap. If you love coffee, you owe it to yourself to try. In the hope of spreading the coffee roasting goodness, I’ve built a small app that help you get started. It’s called Roast Buddy, and it’s available for iOS and android devices.

What does Roast Buddy do?

Roast Buddy teaches you about roasting your own coffee.

It provides simple instructions for getting started—a process that can produce good coffee almost immediately. All you need are some green coffee beans (we recommend, especially for Canadians, buying them from U-Roast-It Coffee), and a hot-air popper!

Roast Buddy let’s you record and view all of your roast information.

The key to becoming a better roaster is to measure & take notes. How long did you roast a bean? How many beans did you add to your popper? Roast Buddy makes recording and recalling these details easy. Mark certain roasts as favourites. Add tasting notes. Replicate your best roasts.

Roast Buddy teaches you about different beans, generates roast statistics, and maintains your entire roast history.

Having all of your roast details in one place allows us to provide interesting statistics about your roasts and recommend beans based on your past favourites.

We are just getting started with Roast Buddy, but for now we think it’s the best way to both get started and master the art of roasting coffee. If you love coffee, you owe it to yourself to roast your own. And Roast Buddy is a great way to get started.

Roast Buddy is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store.