Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean at a Time!
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U-Roast-It Coffee

Home Roasting Starter Kit

$320.99 $348.99

We have put together a home roasting starter kit for those wanting a simple package to get started roasting green coffee beans.  The Nesco Professional Home Roaster is so easy to use and produces consistent and evenly roasted coffee beans.  It's really easy to use and all you have to do is set the timer for a lighter or darker roast.  

The Chemex pour over coffee brewer is a beautiful creation and a centrepiece that will get your friends talking!  Along with the Chemex filters, it will produce a really smooth coffee with little to no sediment.  

You will also get 1lb of free green coffee beans to get you started. Once you roast your own, you will be hooked and will never buy roasted beans again!

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