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U-Roast-It Coffee

Fellow Mighty Small Glass Server


Hello Agent Barista. Your Mission: to infiltrate the Evil Prince's Secret Lair by impressing him with a deliciously brewed coffee, winning his favour, and being assigned as his personal barista. From there, you will go on to obtain his secretly documented, highly classified plans to control all coffee farms in the world.

To help you succeed in this mission, you will see all of the familiar Fellow Brew Gadgets in your Bulletproof Brewcase: Matte Black Fellow EKG, Atmos Vacuum Canister filled with Secret Agent Roast, Joey Doubled Walled Ceramic Mugs, Stagg Pour-Over Dripper and Filters, Ode Brew Grinder, as well as a new addition: The Mighty Small Glass Carafe.

The Coffee World needs you Agent Barista. Do you choose to accept this mission?

Say hello to Mighty Small Glass Carafe! Whether you're trying to save the world from an Evil Coffee Mastermind, brewing your favourite Columbian coffee with your pals at home, or using it on bar to serve your Morning Blend, the Mighty Small Glass Carafe is a coffee partner that always has your back. Coming in both Clear Glass and Smoke Grey, the Mighty Small Glass Carafe is not just for coffees! Be creative - use it to brew your favourite teas, mix up refreshing beverages, or water the succulents on your office desk between brews.

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