Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean at a Time!
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U-Roast-It Coffee

Behmor 1600 Plus Home Roaster Plus 3 lbs green coffee beans



This home roaster can roast up to 1lb of green coffee beans at a time which is a real time saver!   It is easy to use with pre-programmed roast settings or manual control roast parameters.  It has a patent-pending smoke suppression technology for kitchen countertop roasting.

Features include:

-up to 1lb of coffee per roast

-patent-pending smoke suppression technology for indoor roasting

-multi-speed motor for better control during roasting

-5 pre-programmed roast settings

-manual roasting override ability of key settings

-cooling cycle for quick end to roasting duration

-lighted interior

-easy to read and use display

-adjustable, on-the-fly time controls

-removable roasting drum 

-removable chaff tray for easy cleaning

-fan separates chaff from the bean and into chaff tray

-easy to clean interior



Bringing the cup back to the coffee farmer

It’s hard to believe that many coffee farmers have never tasted their own beans in a cup of coffee. But it’s true. While many farmers are equipped to grow the beans, they are often not able to properly roast and brew them. Yet knowing how environmental factors affect coffee beans is essential to refining the quality of the end product—the cup.

So, Behmor founder Joe Behm is on a quest to bring the roaster and brewer to the farmer. He regularly travels to foreign countries to offer tastings to farmers and talk about their work. His passion started after he developed his flagship product, the Behmor Coffee Roaster, when he followed the coffee bean back to its origin. He wanted to discover everything he could about it, literally getting his hands dirty with the soil it grows in. The farmers he met quickly became his friends.


Discovering that many of these farmers hadn’t ever tasted the end result of their hard work, he partnered with Anacafé in Guatemala to provide Behmor Customizable Drum Coffee Roasters to community co-ops and training centers, where farmers connect and get support. And now farmers can roast and cup their own coffee. Learning how their coffee tastes better with improved soil and growing conditions ultimately means farmers can earn a better living with their product. The program has spread from there.

Through these efforts, Behmor Inspired has:
• supported over 30,000 people in Guatemala alone
• donated more than 235 roasters to national coffee associations
• toured worldwide and donated to associations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Burundi

Learning how their coffee tastes better with improved soil and growing conditions ultimately means farmers can earn a better living with their product.


Today, Behmor Inspired is expanding to even more countries with a goal of reaching 100,000 people worldwide, one roaster at a time. Behmor is determined to bring the cup back to the farmer. That means with every Behmor product you purchase, you’re supporting small coffee bean growers, improving their livelihoods and their communities.



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