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Roasted Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe-Microlot-Adame Gorbota-340g

Spent Grounds Coffee Roasters

Roasted Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe-Microlot-Adame Gorbota-340g

Spent Grounds is our retail Roastery so is affiliated with U-Roast-It Coffee.


According to "The World Atlas of Coffee," the coffees from the Yirgacheffe region are unique...they are explosively aromatic, full of citrus and floral notes and have a light and elegant body. Yirgacheffe is one of the best highland-grown coffees. It has fine acidity, body and flavor and many people are attracted to its delicate, floral and tea-like characteristics. They have high altitude mountain ranges with rich soil and ample rainfall which is ideal for great coffee.  

This offering is a Microlot from the Adame Gorbota Cooperative.  Microlots are the best of the best beans in the area that are chosen.  

The coffee is produced by small farmers and is vital for their existence.  

Coffee Details


Crop Current
Continental Region East Africa
Country Ethiopia
Region Gedeo Zone
Sub Region Southern Nations
1. Process Fully washed
1. Grade G2
1. Varietal % of mix Indigenous heirloom cultivars
1. Certification Organic
Elevation 1800-2000 meters
Drying Method Dried on raised beds
Farm Adame Gorbota Cooperative

Process: Fully Washed

Cupping notes*:  Lemon, honey, jasmine, stone fruit, floral

*Please note that cupping notes are subjective and depend on how the beans were roasted, taster's opinions, etc.

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