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Costa Rican Green Beans-Montanas del Diamante Dota Tarrazu

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Costa Rican Green Beans-Montanas del Diamante Dota Tarrazu


Costa Rica has been growing coffee since the early 19th century.  They have a long-standing reputation for good quality coffee.   They now have many micro mills which means that there is more variety to choose from and different coffees aren't mixed in together.  This makes their coffee unique and it's now easier than ever to taste several different coffees from a particular area side by side and begin to see that geography affects the taste.*

The soils of Terrazú have just the right amount of tropical acidity which produces a coffee of extremely unique quality.  Coffees from this area have a stellar reputation and are considered a high-quality grade.  

Process: White Honey

The honey process is a method particular to Costa Rica. The term ‘honey’ relates to the ‘mucilage’ (sticky substance) on the coffee bean. Unlike traditional ‘fully washed’ coffees, the skin and pulp is removed with mechanical washing, rather than using a roller, allowing the producer to determine the level of mucilage that is removed.

Black Honey
Mucilage: 0% removed
Drying: Covered and left to ferment with a relatively quick drying time compared to the other honeys
Character: Sweet and full bodied with fruity/pulp depth

Red Honey
Mucilage: 25% removed
Drying: Dried uncovered
Character: Sweet and syrupy

Yellow Honey
Mucilage: 50% removed
Drying: Dried uncovered
Character: Floral, light body, apricot

Golden Honey
Mucilage: 75% removed
Drying: Dried uncovered
Character: Crisp, citrusy

White Honey
Mucilage: 100% removed
Drying: Dried uncovered
Character: Clean, balanced*

*Information from Origin Coffee in the UK

Country:  Costa Rica

Region: Tarrazu

Sub Region: Dota

Screen Size: 15

Varietal: Red Catuai 60% and Caturra 40%

Elevation: 1600-1900 M

Drying Method: Mechanical Drying

Farm: Dota Altura

Cupping Notes: Balanced, full-bodied, chocolate, creamy, sweet, dark chocolate

*From "The World Atlas of Coffee"

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