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Organic Nicaraguan Jinotega Green Beans-Washed

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Organic Nicaraguan Jinotega Green Beans-Washed


Jinotega is the primary growing region for coffee in Nicaragua.  Most farmers are focused on quality coffee and traceability which was poor in the past.  There are a range of flavours in Nicaraguan coffees. They are quite complex and have fruit-like flavours and clean acidity.

Washed/wet coffees have had their pulp removed and mucilage broken down – typically using water – before the beans are dried. Since there’s no cherry left on the beans, and therefore no more fermentation can occur during drying, this method is suitable for most climates. They require less heat, labour, and monitoring than any other process.

Nevertheless, if the proper infrastructure is used, wet processing could be the most quality-consistent method of all. We’ve already mentioned that the risk of over-fermentation is significantly reduced, allowing the coffee to be dried in cool and more humid conditions. At the same time, the beans can be visually inspected during the whole process, making it easier to spot defects and remove them.  

In the cup, washed coffees are renowned for their clean, bright flavours; vibrant acidity; and delicate body. They can capture the unique flavours and aromas of the beans themselves: consumers get to taste the variety and the terroir, not the impact of the processing method, creating a true trademark for the farm in question.

Elevation: 1100-1700m

Cupping notes: blackberries, sugar plum and honeysuckle


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