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September Special-Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada-Buy 5lbs and GET AN EXTRA LB FREE!

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Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of washed and Arabica coffee.  There are 3 primary varieties grown in Colombia and the coffee is referred to by the region in which it is grown.  The Colombian marketing board is called the FNC (Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros) created the terms "Supremo" and "Excelso" to help promote Colombian coffee.  These terms relate only to the size of the beans and not the quality.  Supremo beans are slightly larger than Excelso and Supremo has the largest bean size grading for Colombia (17/18).

These beans come from the Sierra Nevada region of Colombia.  They are Grade 1 Fair Trade Organic.  The coffees here tend to be heavier and rounder. 

There are more than 500,000 coffee growers in Colombia, growing more than 22 million acres of coffee in the Highlands.* Because of the rich volcanic soil and shade- grown cultivation, the quality of coffee is very high.  It is also hand-picked which results in higher quality beans than a mechanized picking process.  

*from Knowledge@Wharton (University of Pennsylvania)

Process: Washed

Cupping notes**: Wildflower honey, blackberry, citrus notes, syrupy body, currant

**Please note that cupping notes are based on how the beans were roasted, taster's opinion, etc.  


NEW ARRIVAL!  Cuban Altura Lavado

Cuban coffee production remains low but it's definitely a growing industry there and there has been much interest and expansion as of late.

The climate and topography is well suited to coffee growing and it's an up and comer.

The Sierra Maestra region, where this coffee is from, is mountainous and runs the length of the southern coast.  Most of the coffee production on the island is done here.

Cupping notes:  Relatively low in acidity with a heavier body.

Coffee Details


Crop Year 2016-2017
Continental Region Sierra Maestra
Country Cuba
1. Process Washed
2. Process Hand picked
Varietal Typica
Elevation 1000 - 1200 Meters


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