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March Special and New Additions

Brazilian Esmeralda-Buy 5lbs and get an EXTRA 1lb FREE!

This is a new selection on our website.

 According to The World Atlas of Coffee, Brazil has been the world's largest producer of coffee for more than 150 years.  They currently grow around one-third of the world's coffee.  It was introduced to this country from French Guiana in 1727 when Brazil was still under Portuguese rule.

Coffee production boomed between 1820 and 1830 and began to feed the global coffee market. There was a second boom in the late 1800's and into the 1900's.  By the 1920's they were producing 80% of the world's coffee.   

Better Brazilian coffees tend to have low acidity, are heavy in body and are sweet.  They often have nutty and chocolate flavours.*

This area of southeastern Brazil has high altitudes, warm sun and rich, volcanic soil that produces great coffee beans. 

Process:  Natural


New Additions_Kenyan AA Green Beans!

In addition to the Brazilian Esmeralda above, we now offer Kenyan AA green beans.

Kenya uses a grading system for all of its exported coffee.  It uses a combination of bean size and quality.  AA is the more common grade for the larger screen sizes, above screen size 18.  This is one of the best grades from Kenya.  

Kenya consistently produces extremely high-quality coffees from a variety of sources.

Cupping Notes*: Renowned for their bright, complex berry/fruit qualities as well as their sweetness and intense acidity.

LIMITED Supply of Certified Organic Extra Fancy Kona Green Beans

Hala Tree Kona Coffee

About Hala Tree:

Our family owned and operated coffee farm is nested on the picturesque slopes of one of Hawaii active volcano Mauna Loa , overlooking the Historical Kealakekua Bay. It is located in Captain Cook village in the heart of Kona Coffee Belt. It is an old traditionally terraced Japanese farm that thrived for generations. When we bought the land it was sadly abandoned and neglected for over a decade. We worked hard to bring back the farm to its old glory. We cleared the land of unwanted plants and trees, we weeded, we pruned and fertilized those 80 year old coffee trees and it is very rewarding to see their lush, shiny, green leaves today.

We work only with organic products and do not use pesticides of any kind, we are USDA Organic certified.



A nearly fool-proof brewing method at an entry level price point makes this ideal for brewed coffee, or retail in a cafe environment. 

The Clever Dripper is one of the easiest ways to brew coffee. Made from BPA-free plastic, this filtercone method allows you to fully control the brewing time of your coffee, and eliminate sediment in the cup.  Works with the Kalita 103 filters on the website.





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