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Home Roaster Profile-Volume 7-Steve and his Behmor

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How long have you been home roasting?

I start roasting 2 months ago, 15 batches roasted.

What made you start roasting at home?

I start thinking about roasting my own coffee 2 years ago. I started reading a lot about roasting but also on cupping, growing coffee and the green coffee market. With all that knowledge, I developed my tasting skills and  trying different kinds of coffee. I think all the bad coffee I drank at the end of 2016 gave me the push to look for the best home roaster. I found what I was looking for at U-Roast-it Coffee. I need to say what made me a customer.  It’s the answer Karen gave me on Saturday morning to this question I asked her: “Why  should I spend more money for a Behmor from your company?” (Editor’s Note: That was before Behmor implemented a strict online policy for pricing).  If you want to know the answer, you should ask her! But I can tell you she’s awesome and has  awesome customer service!


How do you roast your coffee beans...on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance?  Have you tried different methods of home roasting and if so, which one has been most successful for you?

I think I can say yes, as my friends and family buy all my roasting and I have demand and people waiting for my  roasts. All that interest brings discussion with my girlfriend and so we will launch a craft roasting company by the end of June. Most important, I have a lot of fun roasting.


What are your favourite beans and do you like light, medium or dark roast?

I love complex tasting coffee. Dark coffee with really nice body. I really like Peruvian beans...medium-dark (30 seconds before the second crack).


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