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Home Roaster Profile-Volume 5-Brave Fox Coffee

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Rob lives in Alberta and roasts obsessively on his days off when he has time.  His family comes first but he manages to fit the roasting in to keep his friends, who are in love with his coffee, happy.  He is so serious about his roasting that he has come up with packaging and a name for his brand...Brave Fox Coffee.  This is his story...

How long have you been home roasting?

I have been home roasting for about 5 months.

What made you want to start roasting at home?

At first it was all about how easy it looked, then once I got my hands on a used Fresh Roast 8 Plus, it was all about how fresh and good the coffee was. I found someone roasting beans on Instagram or Twitter (I can’t remember what initially made me think of it), but I’m sure glad I did.

How do you roast your coffee beans…on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance? Have you tried different methods of roasting and if so, which one was most successful for you?

First I started with the small Fresh Roast Plus 8…which could only handle about 60 grams and maybe 50 grams roasted. It’s a great unit (I picked it up off Kijiji) and it makes some great coffee but since you can't adjust the fan speed, I would tend to the roast the whole time, and that was tedious. People at work asked for some samples and it took hours just to get out a pound of beans so I decided I wanted to do this on a larger scale. I looked for about 3 months for the right fit and decided to get a RK drum 8lb roaster. It works off a natural gas bbq with modifications and it’s a drum that can fit 10lbs of green beans (8lb roasted)...it's simply amazing!  I was skeptical at first thinking that the roasted beans would taste smoky or BBQ’y but the answer is no, they did not.  My best roasts have been done on this and I hope to keep going.



Have you been successful at it?

I like to think I have, nothing but happy people drinking my coffee so far. Hopefully Brave Fox Coffee takes off!

Where did the name "Brave Fox Coffee" come from?

The name is something we took a very very long time to come up with.  We brainstormed for weeks about a new name, throwing everything on the table until we realize two things. Brave is from my wife's maiden name, and Fox is the meaning of my last name in Portuguese. Blended together these words create something powerful.  Just as we created our family of 5, we created Brave Fox Coffee Co. out of love. As cheesy as it sounds it's the truth, we love our family and love our coffee! 

Go to their website to check them out: www.bravefoxcoffee.com

What are your favourite beans and do you like a light, medium or dark roast?

My personal favourites are a light but I can truly enjoy any quality coffee. I adore any Colombian, Costa Rican and most Indonesian.


Thank you Rob for joining the Home Roasting Revolution!  



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