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Home Roaster Profile-Volume 4-First Crack!

There was an article recently from the NCA (National Coffee Association) on office coffee trends and how some companies are promising their Millennial workers better office coffee options like offering espresso, single bean origin coffee and other third wave coffee trends.  Long gone are the days of watered down, bad vending machine coffee.  In 2016, cold brewed coffee consumption at the office jumped 165% over 2015, according to the NCA article which is a massive increase (https://nationalcoffeeblog.org/2017/02/01/data-snapshot-coffee-culture-goes-corporate/).

According to the NCA, tech companies are getting on board with this new trend as it allows them to attract top Millennial talent looking for job satisfaction in other areas, like company perks.  Having these extras at work also increases employee productivity and job satisfaction.

Companies can even go a step further by roasting their own beans which would be the ultimate office perk for Millennials.  There will be a future Home Roaster Profile on a company in Vancouver that is allowing an employee to roast their office coffee beans (look for the article in the next coming months).  The profile below is a step in that direction for this trio of co-workers.

Alex, Parker and Marie-Josee are co-workers at Advisor Websites (a global software leader providing website and digital marketing solutions for the financial services and insurance industries) in downtown Vancouver, BC and  started a Home Roasting Club called "First Crack."  They roast on the weekends, perfecting their craft and hope to eventually share their successful coffee roasts with their other work mates.  They are young, hip and eager to learn about home roasting so they ARE the future of, not only home roasting and office roasting, but of third wave coffee in general.  Here is their story.

Alex, Parker and Marie-Josee 

 How long have you been home roasting?

Since November 2016.

What made you want to start roasting at home?

 A friend told me about it and I watched him roast popcorn in his popcorn maker in under 10 minutes.

How do you roast your coffee beans…on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance? Have you tried different methods of roasting and if so, which one was most successful for you?

 I’ve tried hot electric popcorn maker, pan on the stovetop, and old-fashioned popcorn maker on the stovetop. The last method is my favourite as it’s closed at the top and contains smoke. I also think it’s the most fun due to the DIY aspect.

Have you been successful at it?

 So far so good! I’ve roasted a few varieties with my colleagues and can’t wait to keep it up. We’ve got a roasting club.

 What are your favourite beans and do you like a light, medium or dark roast?

 I’m not versed enough to know which beans I like most yet, but I certainly tend to like medium and dark roasts best!


Parker with the Stovetop Popcorn Popper and a bunch of single origin beans!

Voila, the fruits of their labour...very evenly roasted beans.

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