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Home Roaster Profile 9-Patrick Loves His Behmor

The common thread with most of my home roasters is that they usually start roasting in a frying pan on the stove or with an air popcorn popper and then scale up.   I do have quite a few that stick to the popcorn popper and are happy with the results. However, if you need to do a larger amount of beans, that method is not practical so the Behmor is the roaster that most graduate to.  Although the Behmor costs a lot more than a popcorn popper, the results are fantastic and you really only have to do one roast per week for a sufficient amount of beans.  The Behmor is the Gold Standard for home roasting machines...for the price and the amount  you are able to roast in one go, you cannot beat it!  

The company also is very proactive in the Guatemalan coffee community and want to help the coffee farmers to succeed. They donate Behmor roasters to the farmers so that they can roast their own coffee which many don't get the chance to do.  Joe Behm (the founder) makes frequent trips to Guatemala throughout the year, organizing events for the coffee farmers and their families. He is a great man that does way more than just sell great roasters.

Home Roaster 9-Patrick

Patrick lives in downtown Vancouver and has had his Behmor for almost a year.  I think he really likes his roaster...this is his story.

How long have you been home roasting?

About 15 years.

What made you want to start roasting at home?

I lived in the UK when I started and finding good coffee in a small town in Scotland was nigh impossible.  Importing green beans and roasting myself was really the only option if I wanted something other than instant or Nabob.

How do you roast your coffee beans…on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance? Have you tried different methods of roasting and if so, which one was most successful for you?

Behmor 1600 now; absolutely love it.  I've tried just about every method from guerilla popcorn popper roasting, to stove top pan, to open fire and nothing beats the convenience of our current roaster.



Have you been successful at it?

Very!  :)

What are your favourite beans and do you like a light, medium or dark roast?

I don't have a favourite bean and like to try new beans often rather than sticking with something specific.  All our roasts are city roasts or just a hair lighter.

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