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Home Roaster Profile 8- Allison McD.

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Allison lives in East Vancouver and started roasting 6 months ago.  This profile was done soon after she got the Nesco roaster.  Just as an aside, the Nesco, as well as roasters like the Fresh Roast SR500 and SR700's are considered "fluid bed roasters" because they use hot air to roast the beans.  Along with roasting beans at home, Allison enjoys reading, gardening and other do-it-herself projects.  One day maybe she will try to grow a coffee shrub in her garden!  If Californians can do it, an East Van resident can too.

How long have you been home roasting?

I’ve been home roasting for about a month (Update: about 6 months at this point).

What made you start roasting at home?

Why not?  In the past I’ve enjoyed fermenting my own kombucha, making my own sauerkraut, and I like growing my own food. The learning by trial and error is neat. I need my caffeine but don’t know much about coffee at all so I thought this would be a good way to learn.

How do you roast your coffee beans...on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance?  Have you tried different methods of roasting and if so, which one was most successful for you?

I’m using the Nesco Professional Coffee Roaster.  It’s the only method I’ve tried.



Have you been successful at it?

The roasting itself is really simple and straightforward. It took a few attempts to find the ideal roast time but third time’s a charm, as they say. The first roast was way too dark and the second roast was too light. I created a blend out of them which made a nice cup of coffee. The third roast was perfect.


What are your favourite beans and do you like a light, medium or dark roast?

I prefer a dark roast. I’ve only roasted the Organic Colombian Sierra Nevada beans so far. I’ll be trying the Kenyan AA beans next. (Editor's Note: Since this profile was created, Allison roasted Kenyan AA and loved it.  She has also tried the Organic Peruvian and has declared this as her favourite bean so far.  Allison is eager to sample more beans in the coming months and will let us know what she prefers).



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