Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean at a Time!
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First Featured Home Roaster-Dubble A Roasters

U-Roast-It Coffee's Motto is "Starting a Home Roasting Revolution, One Bean At a Time" so we wanted to start a new series of feature interviews with regular people who home roast their beans.  These are actual customers and their home roasting techniques. We included pictures and videos where possible.  If you want to be featured, drop us a line! Enjoy!


Home Roasting Questionnaire-Dubble A Roasters*

Aaron lives in Milton, Ontario.

How long have you been home roasting?

I’ve been home roasting for a year and a half.

What made you want to start roasting at home?

I’ve always been infatuated with great coffee so I wanted to take it to the next level and start roasting small batches myself.How do you roast your coffee beans…on the stove, hot air popper, small home roasting appliance? I use an old Poppery 1 Popcorn hot air roaster. I did some research as to which were the best poppers to roast with and this was considered to be one of the best. It’s an old popper but does a great job. Have you tried different methods of roasting and if so, which one was most successful for you? I pan roasted once but found it very inconsistent.

Have you been successful at it?

Very successful at hot air roasting. I enjoy hot air roasting because you are fully part of the roasting process.

What are your favourite beans and do you like a light, medium or dark roast?

I appreciate all beans from over the world but some of my top beans at this point in time are Sulawesi Grade 1, Organic Peruvian, Ethiopian Yigarcheffe, Kenya AA, and Brazilian Santos. I try to roast to what is best for that bean and what is typically done in that country of origin.

* All photos courtesy of Aaron Pothier at Dubble A Roasters


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