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April Special-Organic Mexican Chiapas-BUY 5LBS AND GET AN EXTRA 1LB FREE (5LBS SIZE ONLY)!

Chiapas borders Guatemala and the Sierra Madre mountain range offers the altitude and volcanic soils necessary for good coffee production.

These beans come from the state of Chiapas, mainly in the Soconusco region.  The coffee is grown under the strict rules for organic food production which adds value to it.

Mexican coffees are lighter-bodied, delicate through to sweeter coffees with caramel, toffee or chocolate flavours. 

Process: Washed

Cupping notes*: Floral aroma, medium acidity and buttery body and cocoa note finish.

*Please note that cupping notes are subjective and are affected by how the coffee is roasted, taster's opinion,etc.

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